Woocommerce Stock Management – Smart Returns Management!

There are many benefits to e-commerce. But alongside the advantages, some store owners suffer from a significant disadvantage of Product Returns.

So, e-commerce store owners work hard, spend money on SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (paid ads), finely they get a sale and send it to the client – bummer, the product is returned and the client wants a refund!

Beyond frustration, it creates a serious burden on inventory management

Smart Product Returns Management

When a customer makes a purchase in a physical store he or she knows exactly what they get – perfect fit, value for money.

when a customer makes a purchase in an e-commerce store he or she believes that the product is a good fit but they don’t have certainty until the product actually arrived.

As result, some retail industries suffer from up to 30% in returned products (compared to 8% in brick-and-mortar stores). beyond that, dealing with returns is more complex than retunes or replacement at a physical store.

Common reasons for returning products:

  • products arrived damaged.
  • products look different from the picture.
  • products are not the ones ordered.
  • products are not suitable for the user

all these reasons don’t exist offline.

Customer service for product return request

The average customer buys a number of products but may return only one of them and we need to understand which. some times customer has a good reason to return and others less so…

For that reason, customer service demands a number of calls or emails to fully understand the client and approve the product return. now, multiply these communications and we get an ongoing nightmare.

After the return of the product, we still need to update stock so we can sell it again and

To streamline processes we recommend using a Refund System for WooCommerce, our favorite one:


Works like charm. reduces about 80% of return-related customer service and ads users’ control over their purchases so they feel comfortable ordering again in the future.

Users can see previous orders (limited time) and can request a refund for a specific product from the order and the webmaster can chat with the client about the request and refund with money or coupon when products are returned safely.

Simple. Smart. Affective.